E commerce world


Online shopping is one of the different form of industry, because most of the industries are targeting two panels, company and customer. But e commerce industry should concentrate on three different panels. Once is vendors, customers and company.  E commerce industry, who are all operating like a market place, they are namely called as a mediators. They help to reduce the distance between the seller and buyer.

Economic Development 

E commerce industry is one of the greater tool, which is help to develop the radios of marketing. Through this e commerce industry, most of the small and middle scale industries are reach well developed ratio than ever before. Customers also got loot of best opportunity to buy different type of quality products.  In other words through this e commerce industry, vendor able to reach other corner of the world, at the same time customer also able to buy the product from all over world. This connectivity is not an easy one, it need loot’s of back born performance. E commerce industry ready to take care of the entire back born process.

Conflict Management

We have one terminology in our management study. “One employee should not work under two management”. It mean, if any one employee working under two or more management, the work has been become much complicated and difficult. Most of the times it’s not possible, because both management having unique ideas. One never compromise with others, so every arrow directly targeting to the employee.  The particular employee should satisfy both managements. Otherwise he will be fired. This is the same scenario, which is applicable to the commerce industry. The basic slogan of e commerce is “Customer and vendor is KING”.

According to the previous statement, e commerce industry tries to maintain the neutral path for both customer and vendor.  The important thing is, the neutral path, not going to be a satisfied one for a long run. So e commerce industry should balance and satisfied both side. Most of the timings, its favor to the customer, because vendors ready to understand the important of the situation. But customer always looks for their convenient. Getting and sticking customer is the most challenging par of e commerce. So it’s indirectly force the e commerce industry to work based on the customer.  In this case some time vendor also feels uncomfortable, with this process. In other words, some time vendor also behaves like a customer, only looking for the convenient.

Bottleneck Scenario

Bottle neck situation can lead anything because e commerce’s companies cornered to play in a bottleneck situation. Globalization opens a broad gate way for all type of business. Particularly in e commerce industry, Globalization plays a vital role. It changes the entire environment. It means, it increase the competition much more than ever before. Large numbers of giant companies are standing against the small and medium scale e commerce industries. The giant companies are ready to provide huge offers and en number of additional benefits. Because they are directly deals with the manufacturer. So they can get the product very cheaper than the outside market. Because most of product manufacturers fix the product price based on the following ratio. 20% manufacturing cost, 40% of marketing and 40% of supply chain management (20+40+40=100). So if the company ready to buy the bulk amount of product directly, it reduce the cost of marketing and supply chain. In the large scale process it will create large amount variation. For an example, giant companies are able to buy a Rs.10,000 product for Rs. 4,000. So they can make any type of offers. The small and middle scale e commerce industries also directly forced to provide a maximum number of offers. Otherwise they have to wipe out from the market. On the other hand, if the small or normal scale ecommerce industries are developed as a large scale industry, it also supports the vendors and helps them to grow.

Understand is the only one best solution for overcome this bottleneck situation, because e commerce industry can’t do anything else on those situation. They are directly and indirectly chained. So e commerce industry also having an additional responsibility to create a best awareness to the customers and vendors regarding this situation.

Clearly Framed Polices

The norms of the e commerce industry is very much clear, and easily understandable one for all. This terms and conditions are much help full to know the rights, responsibility and duties of the vendor as well as the customer. Once the customers clearly read and understand the complete terms and conditions then the 90% problems has been solved. Even government also motivate the buyers to read the terms and conditions before they buy the particular product, because government already frame some formalities and procurers for the e commerce terms and condition preparation. E commerce industries also prepare the terms and condition based on the government norms.

Basically every e commerce industries having three set of terms and conditions in the line form of customer, vendor and website admin. Each terms and conditions are clearly guided and monitored by the government, so there is no more possibility for cheating.

On this part, the responsibility was on the head of customer and vendor. They have to be clearly understood the terms and conditions, before purchase or signed anything.

Revenue making

E commerce industries are never making standard revenue, because it’s depended on the situation. In other hand e commerce industries have to maintain the standard expenses like marketing, website maintenance, Server maintenance and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and etc. Online shopping sits dealing mostly more than ten thousand products. It’s not mean all type of product are making profit. Even though, they spend the equal effort. Out of ten thousand, some few hundred products only make profit and some few numbers of products make a high profit. But e commerce industry should balance entire product with this small amount of profit. E commerce industry should maintain the proper operation cycle and cash flow for their standard quality performance. This is the basic reason most of the e commerce industry charging some amount as a registration cost / maintenance cost or they are expect some more percentage of product commission . Otherwise they can’t maintain the smooth cycle.


Finally e commerce industries are ready to help for the industrial development, creating job opportunities, proving a worldwide market view for the small scale industries and etc. Each coin having two sides. E commerce also having many demerits. We have to judge the value of the both merits and demerits. Government always favor for the customer and vendor, so anyone can recommend the required changes regarding the e commerce industry to the government as well as the e commerce industry.