Who I am and why I’m here

                                      Balusamy N                                             MBA, M.Sc (Psy), M.A (JMC), M.A (Phi)

I am Balu. I am working as a Senior Operations Executive in Bazzarworld.com. If you want to know more about my self please click this link. I want to be different from this normal rotten society. Most of them showing different through their dressing. But I expecting more than this. I am not interested on the exposer like dressing, makeup and ext. Because, based on my point of view. Internal beauty is much more then the external beauty. Internal beauty means, the clear understandability of LIFE. It’s need the research mentality.

My friends also teas me “I am look everything in a research mentality, I am not really enjoy the fun”. Most of the time, I am agree with their statement. Because it’s true. Because of my research mentality, I lose the enjoyment. But my statement is “We can enjoy any-time, But we are not understand the truth behind. Once we understand the truth. Then our enjoyment will be a completed one”. We are enjoying so-many things. But knowingly and unknowingly, we are expecting something new on our enjoyment. It seams we are feeling boor with our existing / experiencing enjoyments. Enjoyment is a word, which define the “Satisfaction of happiness”. So finally it shows, we are really not clear in enjoyment / fun / joy. In other terms