Who I am and why I’m here

                                      Balusamy N                                             MBA, M.Sc (Psy), M.A (JMC), M.A (Phi)

I am Balu. I am working as a Senior Operations Executive in Bazzarworld.com. If you want to know more about my self please click this link. I want to be different from this normal rotten society. Most of them showing different through their dressing. But I expecting more than this. I am not interested on the exposer like dressing, makeup and ext. Because, based on my point of view. Internal beauty is much more then the external beauty. Internal beauty means, the clear understandability of LIFE. It’s need the research mentality.

My friends also teas me “I am look everything in a research mentality, I am not really enjoy the fun”. Most of the time, I am agree with their statement. Because it’s true. Because of my research mentality, I lose the enjoyment. But my statement is “We can enjoy any-time, But we are not understand the truth behind. Once we understand the truth. Then our enjoyment will be a completed one”. We are enjoying so-many things. But knowingly and unknowingly, we are expecting something new on our enjoyment. It seams we are feeling boor with our existing / experiencing enjoyments. Enjoyment is a word, which define the “Satisfaction of happiness”. So finally it shows, we are really not clear in enjoyment / fun / joy. In other terms


“ 9 Easy Steps to Become an Article Writer to Article Artist “


Untitled-1 copy“This is one of the useful article for the new upcoming article writers and it’s also helpful one for the article writing artists, to upgrade their article. In this article, I try to cover each nuts and bolts of article writing. This herbs and spices help you to create a most spicy and tasty articles. The important thing is, this ingredients are just a basement of article writing, article writer have to build a building on this basement.”          

Art of Article Writing

Article writing is an art. Who are all writing an article, they should be consider as an artist, because, they are creating something. The way of presentation is the different between the normal article writer and article artist. Mostly everyone is ready to publish an article. Unfortunately most of the articles are never reach the satisfied welcomes, because, lack of formation. Article writing is a simplest and easiest art, anyone can perform this art. The rules of this art is too simple. Once the writer understand the rolls and regulation of an article writer, then they can become an article artist.

1% idea & 99% inspiration

Aggressiveness is the first required eligibility criteria to perform this art, because most of the writers are think article writing is challenging one. So first of all, they should ready to accept, article writing is too simple. Particularly writers think, article writing need more knowledge and idea. But the reality is, article writing need creativity much more than any other components. In a normal term, article writing need “1% idea & 99% inspiration”.  It mean, the writer weather having knowledge of the particular topic or not. It’s not going to be an issue at all. The writer should have a passion on the topic. In case the writer, think they are well known the concept, it’s all so a wrong, because if they think like that, it indirectly mean, they are never ready to accept the new things, of the particular concept. In this terminology, we can follow our old formula “No one know everything, No one don’t know anything, everyone know something”. The upcoming article writer can chose any topic, based on they’re convenience. The concept should be a simple one (ex: monopoly). In other world, it should not be a vast concept (ex: economic).  If the writer already published more than ten to twenty articles, then they are got the bass. So there after they have to choose the concept based on the readers point of view / requirement. The reader’s requirements change simultaneously. So the article writer also should continually update their self, to find the readers requirements.

Before start writing an article on the particular concept, writer should read the concept related article and book. It will help to reduce the number for confusion.

Article formats

Before construct our article building, we should discuss about the basic formats of article writing. Formats in the sense, article writing can be classified in to two formats. Pyramid and riverside pyramid. Pyramid is a format, which is start form the introduction. Rivers pyramid start from the conclusion. This format is depend based on the article. The writer or artist should choose any one of this format. Pyramid is mostly suitable for all form of article.

Narrow down 

Once the format was selected, then try to narrow down the article points, based on the format. At the very first time, it will be quit tricky and difficult. The easy way to overcome this difficulty, write down all points, what’s blink on writer’s mind, don’t mind on the coherence of the points. Brain storming will help to find more points. Once the points are listed out. Then the writer should read and categories the points. Writer should read each category points twice. Try to add some more points on the category. Category in the sense introduction, body of the article (Subtitles) and conclusion.  Once the writer feel satisfied with this points. Then the writer able to get the small amount of clear clarity about the topic.

Create a title

Create your own title for your article. The title should be an attractive one. Normally, we says “don’t judge the book, by its cover”. This terms are only suitable for books. In article world, the title going to decide the value of the article, because time is much more valuable than any other things. Readers don’t want to waste their golden time into unwanted or unrelated articles. So readers just read the title, then they will decide the article is useful one for him or not. It mean title gets much more important than the contents. So chose / create your title very carefully.

Some useful tips for title creation.

  • The title should create a sense of interest / mystery.
    (Reader should fell, they going to learn something new from this article)
  • The title should be completely suitable for the reader’s requirement.
    (Ex: Way to overcome stress)
  • The title should be trifecta.
    (Ex: Easy way to overcome stress)
  • Try to create a numeric value.
    (Ex: 5 Easy ways to overcome stress)


Language is the base for all oral and written communication. The usage of language is also one form of art, because the communication made for the listener/reader understandability. So the communication producers can create the communication, based on the listener point of view. Then only the communication will be a successful one. This same scenario, was also applicable for article writing. The writer should use easily understandable language, to increase the clear understandability of the readers. While we are discussing about the language understandability, we also have to concentrate on the each words and phrases.


In today’s technical world, we can collect anything form our home, through the internet. So try to find related statistical reports, which is helpful one for the article. Mostly the professional article writers use the statistic on the following ratio 70:30 or 80:20. It men, the statistical report should be in 4:1 ratio. Once the article writer learn how to collect the proper statistical data, and how to use the data, without collapsing the coherence of the article, it will help to create and increase the moral value of the article. It also increase the interest of the readers. It will create a hope, about the article. Once the reader satisfied with this article, then they recommend this article to others. So it will increase the number of readers.

Even though our content also create a moral vale to the readers. The different between the numeric and alphabets is important. In content, the reader can get the concept of the statement, once they completely read the entire statement. It will take more time. In numeric, reader can easily understand the concept, once they view the data table or report. It will save the time. So statistic help to create a moral vale, quicker than the content.

Sub titles

Sub title help to increase the convenience of the reader, because at the first time, reader never ready to read the entire article. They just over loop the article. They only read some of the points. Then they judge the value of the article. The readers reading point will be different by each reader. The writer split the article into different subtitles, it will attract the reader and then the reader just read the subtitle and judge the article vale easily. It will create a double side benefits.


Completion of the article is also important. Most of the people are never ready to concentrate until the conclusion. But it’s a wrong behaviour, because the readers and writers point of views are different. Both of them may be clarify their view on the conclusion part. So conclusion should be a clear and simple one. The writer should not use any explanation on this part. Writer should share the conclusion of the concept. In case any farther researches are required, then writer should share the required research concept.

Effective tools

Based on this long conversation, we are able to know the basics of article writing. We can write an article with this basics. It help to create a fruitful articles. But it’s not enough, because we are living in the fast running competitive society. We have to create more and more improved articles, to survive in this article writing world. We have to improve our self, through using some new useful effective article writing tools and methods, because anyone can learn this basics, and write an articles. We have to different our self, form the existing world, through this tools and methods. Until today there is no more proper guidelines for the upgrading tools. It’s completely depend on the article writers. The article writer can chose any tool form this world, the writer never satisfied with this existing tools, they also can create their own new tools or methods. Article value and the reader interest is the basic goal. So the article writer can use or create any tool to reach this goal.

Some of the common effective tools:

  • Infographics.
  • Suitable meaningful images.
  • Small note, at the beginning of the article. Which is explain the entire article, within two to three lines.
  • Video clip at the beginning of the article. Which is explain the entire article, within two to three minutes.
  • Famous and related quotes.
  • The article size should not be more than 3 to 5 pages.
  • At the end of the article, add some recommended articles and books.


This steps are just a basics of the article writing. As an article artist, my common suggestion is, try to share your findings. Then it will return back to you in a different creative form. It also help to increase the writers writing knowledge. State your sharing form this point of commanding on this article.

E commerce world


Online shopping is one of the different form of industry, because most of the industries are targeting two panels, company and customer. But e commerce industry should concentrate on three different panels. Once is vendors, customers and company.  E commerce industry, who are all operating like a market place, they are namely called as a mediators. They help to reduce the distance between the seller and buyer.

Economic Development 

E commerce industry is one of the greater tool, which is help to develop the radios of marketing. Through this e commerce industry, most of the small and middle scale industries are reach well developed ratio than ever before. Customers also got loot of best opportunity to buy different type of quality products.  In other words through this e commerce industry, vendor able to reach other corner of the world, at the same time customer also able to buy the product from all over world. This connectivity is not an easy one, it need loot’s of back born performance. E commerce industry ready to take care of the entire back born process.

Conflict Management

We have one terminology in our management study. “One employee should not work under two management”. It mean, if any one employee working under two or more management, the work has been become much complicated and difficult. Most of the times it’s not possible, because both management having unique ideas. One never compromise with others, so every arrow directly targeting to the employee.  The particular employee should satisfy both managements. Otherwise he will be fired. This is the same scenario, which is applicable to the commerce industry. The basic slogan of e commerce is “Customer and vendor is KING”.

According to the previous statement, e commerce industry tries to maintain the neutral path for both customer and vendor.  The important thing is, the neutral path, not going to be a satisfied one for a long run. So e commerce industry should balance and satisfied both side. Most of the timings, its favor to the customer, because vendors ready to understand the important of the situation. But customer always looks for their convenient. Getting and sticking customer is the most challenging par of e commerce. So it’s indirectly force the e commerce industry to work based on the customer.  In this case some time vendor also feels uncomfortable, with this process. In other words, some time vendor also behaves like a customer, only looking for the convenient.

Bottleneck Scenario

Bottle neck situation can lead anything because e commerce’s companies cornered to play in a bottleneck situation. Globalization opens a broad gate way for all type of business. Particularly in e commerce industry, Globalization plays a vital role. It changes the entire environment. It means, it increase the competition much more than ever before. Large numbers of giant companies are standing against the small and medium scale e commerce industries. The giant companies are ready to provide huge offers and en number of additional benefits. Because they are directly deals with the manufacturer. So they can get the product very cheaper than the outside market. Because most of product manufacturers fix the product price based on the following ratio. 20% manufacturing cost, 40% of marketing and 40% of supply chain management (20+40+40=100). So if the company ready to buy the bulk amount of product directly, it reduce the cost of marketing and supply chain. In the large scale process it will create large amount variation. For an example, giant companies are able to buy a Rs.10,000 product for Rs. 4,000. So they can make any type of offers. The small and middle scale e commerce industries also directly forced to provide a maximum number of offers. Otherwise they have to wipe out from the market. On the other hand, if the small or normal scale ecommerce industries are developed as a large scale industry, it also supports the vendors and helps them to grow.

Understand is the only one best solution for overcome this bottleneck situation, because e commerce industry can’t do anything else on those situation. They are directly and indirectly chained. So e commerce industry also having an additional responsibility to create a best awareness to the customers and vendors regarding this situation.

Clearly Framed Polices

The norms of the e commerce industry is very much clear, and easily understandable one for all. This terms and conditions are much help full to know the rights, responsibility and duties of the vendor as well as the customer. Once the customers clearly read and understand the complete terms and conditions then the 90% problems has been solved. Even government also motivate the buyers to read the terms and conditions before they buy the particular product, because government already frame some formalities and procurers for the e commerce terms and condition preparation. E commerce industries also prepare the terms and condition based on the government norms.

Basically every e commerce industries having three set of terms and conditions in the line form of customer, vendor and website admin. Each terms and conditions are clearly guided and monitored by the government, so there is no more possibility for cheating.

On this part, the responsibility was on the head of customer and vendor. They have to be clearly understood the terms and conditions, before purchase or signed anything.

Revenue making

E commerce industries are never making standard revenue, because it’s depended on the situation. In other hand e commerce industries have to maintain the standard expenses like marketing, website maintenance, Server maintenance and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and etc. Online shopping sits dealing mostly more than ten thousand products. It’s not mean all type of product are making profit. Even though, they spend the equal effort. Out of ten thousand, some few hundred products only make profit and some few numbers of products make a high profit. But e commerce industry should balance entire product with this small amount of profit. E commerce industry should maintain the proper operation cycle and cash flow for their standard quality performance. This is the basic reason most of the e commerce industry charging some amount as a registration cost / maintenance cost or they are expect some more percentage of product commission . Otherwise they can’t maintain the smooth cycle.


Finally e commerce industries are ready to help for the industrial development, creating job opportunities, proving a worldwide market view for the small scale industries and etc. Each coin having two sides. E commerce also having many demerits. We have to judge the value of the both merits and demerits. Government always favor for the customer and vendor, so anyone can recommend the required changes regarding the e commerce industry to the government as well as the e commerce industry.      


Most of them are says life is not a simple thing. But the truth is, It’s based on the understandability of the individual. If they are understand the complete definition of life, then it will look like an very simplest one. Incas they are not understand the complete definition of LIFE. Then it will look like an very difficult one. This basic different of understandability, inspire me to research on the concept of LIFE. First of all, we should know, what is LIFE mean. LIFE is an abbreviation of  “Live For Enlightenment”. Enlightenment is the ultimate goal of life.